Rada by Kohler Mira

Showering and washroom water controls

Rada are driven to design hand washing, showering and washroom water controls that play a vital role in helping to protect users from risks including scalding and potentially fatal waterborne bacteria such as legionella and Pseudomoneous aeruginosa.

Rada have been leading the world in showering and washroom control innovation for almost 90 years. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have benefited in particular from Rada's continuing commitment to research and development. Rada lead the way in the development of digital technologies, which offer features not available in mechanical valves such as the ability to carry out duty flushes and supervised thermal disinfections to help meet the ever increasing demands of compliance.

Outside healthcare, Rada's wide range of showering and washroom water control products are designed to suit a wide range of commercial settings. Whether it's Education, Sports & Leisure, Commerce or Public Washrooms every sector has its own challenges, disciplines and demands. Mastering regulatory requirements is as crucial as innovative technology when it comes to providing the right solution.

Providing safe temperature blended water, whilst minimising energy consumption and conserving water are intrinsic to Rada products. The 15/3 under basin thermostatic mixing valve provides safe blended water, whereas Pulse offers multiple outlet cold water no touch flow control for wash basins or urinals or blended water in conjunction with a TMV for wash basins or showers. For digital thermostatic control of taps and showers Rada Outlook offers a choice of no-touch control, programmable temperatures, duty flushes, supervised thermal disinfection and data logging capabilities.


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